You Are the Center of the Universe, a Mentor Magnet

I am never alone wherever I am. -C. Joybell C

Photo by Wayne Beck

When we are born we are not promised that life will be smooth or even fair, ever. Your first experience was trauma. “What just happened?!”

You have just been catapulted into new world, a foreign environment. Birth is a huge physical, emotional and spiritual transition. You couldn’t handle it alone. By divine design the universe comes to your aid. You get a lot of attention and are now the center of the universe. The universe abundantly provides you with all the resources you need, mostly through other people. You are responsible to breathe, eat, sleep, but your other needs are provided for you. If all goes well these needs will be generously met by your parents, medical staff, and unlimited people from the past and present. Their combined efforts work together and gather resources from countless other people throughout the generations, for you. Their resources come from the earth and the cosmos and from innovators, past and present. You are at the center of it all.

You quickly discover that as you interact with the universe it abundantly responds to you and your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs and desires. People around you honor you. They rightly call you adorable, meaning that you are of divine nature and worthy of divine honors. You are instinctively generous with your emotions and seek to please your caregivers. Unless something is sorely amiss, your gestures, sounds and touch trigger positive responses, definitely in your favor. You are surrounded by mentors. You learn from them, you mirror their behavior. You are drawn to them and they to you.

Your closest mentors expand your universe as they introduce you to a lot of other people. They want to “show you off.” Even though you may be in a crying sort of mood or have stinky pants, ideally, they give you tons of positive affirmation. This is so powerful that as an infant or a toddler you can shut down all activity when you come into the office or other workplace. At any activity, others are overcome with delight; you are the focus.

You recognize and openly appreciate the traits of your mentors. They are real humans who continue to learn as they live through life experiences. They are patient as you go through a period of rapid learning. You are a valuable part of their lives. They seek no special recognition for providing for you and teaching you.

As you live and learn within this environment, a yearning begins to form, a yearning for new experience and even a new environment. As you move through all of your juvenile phases you live in a world of ambivalence, straddling between the safety of a known environment and the unknowns of the world. Even if the “safety” of the known environment is not ideal or even if it’s riddled with pain and abuse, the anxiety of leaving may hold you back.

Who are your mentors today?

Wherever you are in life or what condition you are in, God and the universe are still aware of you. It still holds you in high esteem, and continues to provide for you. The air around you and your instinct to breathe are evidence that the universe continues to provide for you, challenges and opportunities.

“I am never alone wherever I am. The air itself supplies me with a century of love. When I breathe in, I am breathing in the laughter, tears, victories, passions, thoughts, memories, existence, joys, moments, and the hues of the sunlight on many tones of skin; I am breathing in the same air that was exhaled by many before me. The air that bore them life. And so how can I ever say that I am alone?” C. Joybell C.

Sometimes (or often) you do feel alone, or afraid. Just as the air we breath, new mentors and friends are provided, if we prepare and learn to recognize them. The sources of people who can teach us something are unending. I am mentored by authors and movie makers who died long before I was born. I am spiritually fed by musicians who I will never meet. They are in turn fed by other contemporaries and predecessors from the beginning of time. Whatever I have in common (or not in common) with Mark Twain, the fact that I even know his name indicates that he is a part of who I am.

Though you are not bound by the will of others, they contribute to who you are and what you become. Soon after your birth you find yourself selecting mentors. Later as you are exposed to new environments, you begin to de-select or move past some mentors. As you eliminate, if you do not recognize new mentors that you look up to, and who truly care for you, loneliness and hopelessness begin to encroach. As you look to God and the universe, your perception of your own value increases. As you meditate and pray you recognize that your existence is a miracle.

We seek mentors with genuine human qualities. These are people that we can learn from, yet who allow us to continue to learn from our own experience.

Consider the traits you desire in your mentors. Valuable mentors…

  1. ..have human (life) experiences
  2. ..are better because of you
  3. ..have no selfish intentions in their relationship with you
  4. ..honor and respect you
  5. deeply about you
  6. ..are drawn to serve you, as a gift from God to you
  7. ..strive to understand you and accept you
  8. ..are motivating yet patient
  9. ..want you to thrive

Mentors have the potential to open the gates of the abundance of the universe. If you feel too insecure or timid to meet mentors in person, learn from those who you admire yet do not know that you are learning from them. It may be a star or super hero, or someone who has overcome difficulties, or just a neighbor. Or choose others whose influence you can feel from afar. Pick up a biography, find a motivational speaker, author, or advisor. Social media will expand your vision and your search, automatically bringing similar inspired persons to your screen. Visit an art museum or a museum of history. When you search in a library, take a look at the books near the one you started with. Learn more about your ancestors who can provide a wealth of support and advice. They not only provide you with your genetic components, their influence permeates all the way to your generation and beyond.

Mentors are evidence of our importance as part of a great universe. The universe continues to come to your aid as you progress through the environments you choose in life.




Having been on the frontlines, I’m deeply familiar with life’s challenges and traumas. I’m inspired by courageous people who triumph and succeed.

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Wayne Beck

Wayne Beck

Having been on the frontlines, I’m deeply familiar with life’s challenges and traumas. I’m inspired by courageous people who triumph and succeed.

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