Second in a series inspired by my book, Finding My Twenty-Five: The Prime of Your Life Is Now

In 2006, Josh (“Wheels”) was riding his motorcycle at night on State Street. As a college student in his twenties, he was learning, growing, and preparing for his future. His life was…

First in a series of articles based on my book, Finding My Twenty-Five: the Prime of Your Life Is Now.

Any change in life is challenging, whether we chose the change, or it happens upon you.

Over the next weeks, In this article series, I’m going to be sharing excerpts…

First Seek to Understand… Stephen R. Covey

I attended a motivational meeting aimed at helping men find their purposes. A discussion was well underway…

Someone raised his hand and asked,

“How would a teenager feel about this…?”

The presenter stumbled over his words, finally saying that teenagers are just teenagers…

Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity.” -Novala Takemoto

I was mesmerized, looking out the kitchen window at 5 o’clock in the morning. Snow was falling lightly in the amber tint of the streetlights. After a few moments, a tear…

“I can go anywhere. I can be anything.” -Reading Rainbow Television Theme Song

Mentors: Santiago (fictional), Paulo Coelho

The Diagnosis and Prescription

At fourteen-years-old I passed a career guidance course on my report card. And yet I was a failure, labelled as indecisive and without purpose. …

Wayne Beck

Having been on the frontlines, I’m deeply familiar with life’s challenges and traumas. I’m inspired by courageous people who triumph and succeed.

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